Grace Community Church had held services at numerous locations over the last 10 years since it's inception, most recently in the Auditorium of a local high school. They also owned a small office which they had outgrown. Grace engaged the services of Rufus Johnson Associates' to assist in developing a new concept to meet their needs.  A program was honed to include all their needs under one roof, in a 44,088 s.f. facility. The program included a Worship Auditorium with seating for 840, five large classrooms, offices and other support spaces needed for growing church. The CM/GC, Bell and Associates Construction was brought on board to assist with pre-construction budgeting / estimating services and to construct the facility. The process was a seamless effort  with the entire team on the same page throughout the process. 
                           Hobbs & Associates Engineering: Civil   /   K&S Engineering: Structural                            Entech Engineering : Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, & Fire Protection, Technology
Bell & Associates Construction
Grace Community Church was recently highlighted in Metal Architecture magazine's October 2018 Market Feature on Religious Facilities
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